Law Professionals and Specialists

The great advantages of a boutique office will always be reflected in the level of involvement of the staff in the management of your case on a daily level, without prioritizing larger or more “known” clients. The continuous relationship with our customers helps us to express our abilities and as a result also the guarantee of success.



Rafael Oliel, has extensive experience in the commercial field, litigation and in the field of customs and foreign trade. Adv. Oliel specialized in the Rafael Fisher law firm and then as an attorney in the Eitan Mahulle Sdot firm and as a senior manager at BDO Ziv Haft.

Amir Damari, Attorney and notary public. Specializes in real estate law, information security and privacy protection, computer law and copyright, inheritance, property and personal damage. Has experience in appearances before the various courts, including the courts, National Insurance Institute committees, local authorities and more.